"If someone can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best."

A rant on this fucking quote.

So I’ve found this quote being thrown around a lot lately and if I remember correctly it is something I had used to attempt to help myself get over a break up, but the quote didn’t work because I broke it down and now just really fucking annoys me. I can’t handle this quote for 3 reasons, and I’m going to rant about it. I’m not really good with words but whatever, here we go.

The first reason I hate this quote is because I’m hearing certain people say it for themselves, when I personally have watched them be a complete and utter dick TO the person they’re talking about. I’ve watched people start fights with someone and then say this to themselves and I’ve watched crying girls say it after some guy had used her for her body and then ditched her.

"If someone can’t handle me at my worst…" 

First off, I just watched you tell someone to fuck off and then complain about how retarded they were. Of course they’re not going to handle you at your worst. You just took it out on them. You told them to fuck off. Hell, I don’t even think they WANT you at your best now because you obviously don’t give a shit about what you’re saying enough to keep a steady friendship. Like, you just attacked the person and now you’re blaming them for NOT wanting to talk to you? No, that’s not how it works. You can’t just be a shit head all the time and expect people to stay with you, especially if you’re attacking them personally and without apologizing. Words hurt and you really, really have to think about what you’re saying and who you are saying it too. Personally, if people tell me to legitimately fuck off, I do. I fuck off and I don’t come back unless they apologize. I am not just someone’s fucking punching bag for words and you shouldn’t be either. It’s one thing to have someone be angry but do NOT let them stoop to calling you names or even physically attacking you. NOT OKAY.

"Then they don’t deserve me at my best."

Number two. I am extremely angry at people who get mad at other people that they KNOW are treating them like shit (most ‘relationships’ where Person A likes Person B more and Person B is not retaliating the feelings, just using Person A for sex or a car or money etc) and then they say this quote and at first I’m like “Yes! Exactly!” but then I see them hanging out again and the same thing happens over and over again. If you REALLY BELIEVE THIS, THEN FUCKING DO IT. THIS is what this quote should be most about. The reason this person is still coming around is because they KNOW they can get away from “your worst.” They don’t have to deal with “your worst” because you’re letting them come back around and enjoy “your best” even though they ditched you during “your worst” in the first place. Does that make sense? It’s not that they can’t handle you at your worst it’s that you’re LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH USING YOU AT YOUR BEST. Basically, you’re feeding it. You’re letting them win. Stop this. Get away from the cycle.

And finally number three, I hate this quote most of all because I am extremely bitter about some friendships of mine gone awry where all I do is handle people at their worst, and not get to share the fun of their best. I only get to be the problem dumpster or the second hand friend where I deal with the drama, pat their back, try to make them feel good about themselves and then when they feel better they go off and play with their other friends (or the people who hurt them in the first fucking place) and don’t invite me or don’t care about me again until they’re crying, or better yet! They TALK SHIT ON ME after I attempted to help them through some issues. After they came to me for help and then ignored what I had to say completely. I understand if it’s “your life” and you do what you want, fine, but don’t fucking come to me crying about someone treating you like shit over and over again and then go HANG OUT WITH THEM AGAIN when you’re feeling better.

If I am handling you at your worst, don’t you think I deserve you at your best?

And that’s my stupid fucking rant.

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